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How do I sync my game with Facebook or across different devices?


To Sync, tap anywhere in game that has the blue Facebook Connect Button!

Don?t see the connect button? Follow these short steps:


1.            To sync your mobile game, open the app on your mobile device.

2.            Then, tap the settings icon.

3.            Tap the Facebook icon to open the login menu.

4.            Enter your Facebook login details. This will sync your game with your Facebook account.


If you are syncing so you can play on multiple mobile devices, you will need to follow these login steps on your other devices as well.  Players most often do this when they want to play their saved game on their iPhone, and iPad interchangeably.


You can log out of Facebook on your mobile devices; however you cannot un-sync a game should you choose to start a new Facebook account.  Make sure you log into the right account!


If you need to delete your game, you MUST sync before deleting your game to prevent lost progress.

After you re-download the App, simply log back into your Facebook account to load your saved progress.
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How do I log out?


To log out, tap the Settings Gear icon, then the Facebook icon, then tap Log Out.  

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How do I add Friends?


To add friends, tap the Envelope icon! This is your message center, and lets you check your mail, send and receive gifts, and add more friends! Tap Invite to choose from a list of friends.


Sync your game with Facebook to find even more friends! 

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How do I buy more Kitchen Cash and Coins?


To buy Kitchen Cash, click the + icon next to your Kitchen Cash balance.


Sometimes you can also earn Free Cash with special offers! Tap the Free Cash icon to see what deals are available!


Kitchen Cash cannot transfer between Mobile and Facebook. If you purchase or earn Kitchen Cash on Facebook,   it will add to your Facebook Kitchen Cash balance. 

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How do I find my Mobile Game ID?


If you are synced to Facebook, your Mobile Game ID is your Facebook ID number.

You can find this on your mobile device when you tap the Settings Gear for more information.


You can also find your Facebook ID on Facebook.

- Just log in to Facebook with any browser (not the app)

- Visit your wall (by clicking your name).

- Copy and Paste that URL in a message to us, and we can locate your game ID.

          - In example, the URL of our Wall is


Not Synced?

To find your Mobile ID, tap load your game and tap the Settings Gear for more information. 

Tap Info, and our UID will be displayed in the center of the page. 

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How do I change settings?


Tap the Setting Gear to open the settings menu, then:

- Tap the Sound and Music buttons to toggle sounds on and off.

- To Log in or Out of your Facebook synced game, tap the Facebook icon, then tap to Log Out / Log In.

- Tap the Info icon to access your game ID, the game credits, and support information.  

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Please login via the facebook window.
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